Vaccine coercion must stop!

Vaccine coercion, pressure and manipulation is illegal.

The AHPRA Position Statement on Covid-19 vaccinations says: “anti-vaccination statements or health advice… is not supported by National Boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and… prosecution by AHPRA.” This means that doctors cannot base statements on their medical science expertise or the health and care of their patient. This is a breach of their oath and is coercion and manipulation at the highest level.
The Australian Immunisation Handbook, the Qld Clinical Excellence Division, the Qld Law Handbook, Legal Aid Qld, and Sarah Atkinson and Christine Mercer (Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Media Statement, “Legal aspects of consent to treatment”, 13 April 2012) all state that medical consent is only legally valid if it is given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.
The Attorney-General Hon. Shannon Fentiman has said she is committed to “legislate against coercive control”. (as quoted by Lexi Kehl in QLS Proctor, Coercive control-can the law fix this?, 17 February 2021.)
Since coercion and manipulation to get the covid-19 vaccine has been directed at the people of Qld by the leadership of the Qld Government it is now legally impossible for Qld medical staff to obtain legal consent. Even if the patient says they consent it is still not legally valid and thus the medical staff should no longer administer the vaccine.
Some examples of the coercion are Ms Palaszczuk saying that the unvaccinated are wrong and that they will be restricted and that they are unsafe. (as quoted by, 9 November 2021). Dr Chris Perry (Queensland president of the Australian Medical Association) said the unvaccinated are crazy and will be miserable and lonely for the rest of their lives and won’t be able to hide. (as quoted by Ian Miles Cheong,, 11 November 2021) Steven Miles said that they are dangerous, anti-government, anti-vaxxer and lunatics (as quoted by Marty Silk,, “Qld accuses PM of indulging anti-vaxxers”, 18 November 2021) .
It is clear also that every person who has received the vaccine under coercion by the Qld Government can sue the government for malpractice because legal consent was not obtained.
Since those who are not yet vaccinated can no longer be legally vaccinated the Qld Government must stop the vaccine roll out until this legal situation is resolved.

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Vaccine coercion must stop!

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