The first process of our New Grassroots Australian People’s Meritocracy Governance is to collect our Australian People’s wishes, ideas, issues and suggestions to make Australia into the best Land Ever.

These ideas are then entered into our Australian Governance Ideas Database for debate and voting and implementation.

There are many ways to collect these ideas.

As individual Australians, we can submit them.

We can have physical group meetings and submit them.

And thirdly, we can have ‘virtual’ meetings.

There are many online video meeting technology choices nowadays, however, for the purpose of this explanation, we’ll use as our example, the online product Zoom, for scheduling and implementing our online transparent concurrent meetings of Australian People to share ideas and issues.

This is the first step which allows all Australians to speak freely without interruption and express our thoughts, wishes, ideas and issues to make Australia a better place for all Australians.

We encourage you to Facilitate Zoom sessions with your family, friends and co-workers to make this happen.

Go to the Zoom site, join Zoom (you can do so for free) and organise your Zoom sessions.

As the session Facilitator, introduce yourself and the reason for the meeting. Have a pen and paper ready (or a digital notepad of some description).

The idea is that you give each participant a maximum time (maybe 5 minutes) to say what they wish to say without interruption. You enable this by switching off all the other participants mics while each participant is having their say.

Encourage all participants to take notes if they wish.

When everyone has had a turn at speaking, switch on all the mics and have a group discussion to ensure that all concerns, ideas, issues have been captured by you from the session.

The main purpose of this discussion is not to solve the concerns, ideas and issues, but to ensure you have got them all noted down.

Thanks all participants and close the session.

Now, when you’re ready, go to the next step, which is to enter your information from the Zoom session into our Australian Issues/Ideas Management system.

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