Eco tourism

Less high rise development. No selling of water to corporate interest of any kindPlanning to include respect for native forestation and wildlife.

That the land, the law the people are one. Water not to be sold to any private corporate enterprise whatsoever. Sale of water to be immediately halted. High rise devopment to cease. It does not provide human beings with a natural way to live. Architects to engage in designing homes and development that compliments and fits in with natural environments- no disturbance to natural vegetation and wildlife. Aboriginal custodians to educate people on the stories and histories of the land upon which they live. Eco tourism to be encouraged- with tourists to respect the land the law and the people they are visiting. More preservation of wild spaces- never ever to designate this land to be a “smart city” which would relegate it to be part of a global slave system.

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Eco tourism

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