A new Australian structure

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My Proposal in a Nutshell
What I propose is a nation-wide experiment/action. Let us cast off the bindings of our past and work towards a different future where we govern ourselves in a decentralised system, where there is no money (or money is used for exchange only), where everyone works at what they can do or aspire to do but in all aspects of their community, where common goals based on 4 principles set our direction and standards/values/morés, where there is no currency to entice/force/motivate just commitment based on personal responsibility, no legal entities, no dole, no pursuit of wealth and power, and no religion. Where people work jobs and for the community equally at a ratio of 3:3 with 1 day for personal development, and community gatherings are more than just Fun Runs and Dating Evenings; more than just getting together at the gym or a fireworks night; where communities decide on roads, buildings, work and leisure, and the well being of all members of that community; where there is no isolation of the individual (for example no single parents – where a parent dies or there is a divorce then a surrogate from the local community will be nominated); where there are no enclaves. Where humanitarianism and naturalesque principles are taught in all aspects of a life-long education system and classrooms are seen as more than 4 walls and a ceiling. Where our agriculture is returned to more natural systems and our health and well being are paramount and food production is based on quality and not profit. Where there are no conglomerates, corporations and individual business interests and all industries are invested in and by the community as cooperatives. Where old cultures and ethnicity is forgotten and dispensed with and a new one developed to suit the conditions of Australia and that anyone not willing to participate will be asked to leave. Where the rest of the world is left to their own devises so we can concentrate on fixing our own problems first before we return to the world stage. Where broad acre farming is dispensed with in favour of smaller natural systems, and our biodiversity is a major focus of our daily activities, and food is supplied freely to those in need in other countries. Where our water and mineral cycles are returned to ensure food of quality that will grow us ‘spiritually’. Where energy production is based on naturalesque systems of pressure and temperature differentials and where water plays an integral part. Where jobs are not something that is paid for but have meaning in both the production of goods and activity that keeps people occupied and happy. Where self development goes hand in hand with community development. A life that dispenses with separation and division and the laws of nature form the basis of our education as well as how we work and play. Education will not be based on subjects but where a holistic systems approach is taken to all facets of life and learning. Esoteric astrology will be the prime subject so that our children learn and act on their soul path. There will be no specialisation and people will not work in isolation of all other things in life. We will redefine the term community so that it means something other than just a town or settlement but intertwines the lives and livelihoods of every person. Cities will be reduced in size so that all parts of the country are inhabited (as much as is possible) so that the energy cycle of humanity can be reintegrated into the energy cycle of nature. Where personal responsibility is the only law of the land and people assume control of all that they do and say and that it is inline with the goals and principles of the whole community. Where people adopt a stance of freewill and critical thinking and the victim stance that has perpetuated our societies for the last several thousand years is turned around into victorhood. Where there are no solely allopathic doctors or specialists for health will be the responsibility of the individual, along with appropriate technologies and methodologies that support life and health from a maintenance perspective. Where there are no heroes and legends and competitive sport not longer dogs our lives. Where there are no television news hours or talking heads and reporters no longer search out all that is bad in our society including the mind numbing roll out of childrens’ entertainment shows that mums and dads use to ‘control’ their behaviour. Where all advertising is dispensed with for there will be no competition or business to promote. Where all chemicals are removed forever from our food, air, clothing, buildings, vehicles, farming and etc. Where buildings are constructed of energy enhancing products that are paramagnetic and not diamagnetic. Where our government is us because we will have a representative participatory model of democracy. There will be no parties just individual representatives who are not professional politicians. Where there will be only one social support system that treats everyone equally and without favour or refrain. There will be no ownership only tenancy. Natural law will be the mainstay of our interactions.

This is a complete turn around to our lives and it will be a major undertaking to allow all humans the time and resources to internalise, but there must be an understanding that those who would stand to gain from maintaining the status quo will do their damnedest to convince all to leave things alone. Humanity and this planet cannot afford for this to happen. When push comes to shove, those that fight to retain the old ways will have to be dealt with. At some stage in the near future each person will have to decide where they stand, and for some where they will die if they do not allow the rest of us to move forward to a better future. As harsh as this sounds humanity has no other way to rid itself of a disastrous past, and a new future cannot exist based on that past.

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A new Australian structure

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