The Rule of Law- Aspects to Anti Despotism

Anti Despotism Laws and Accountability

No one is exempt from he law or the law of the land. No government has been given cart blanche raw power to rule as power brokers over its constituents whom they are servants to. Accountability of government. Revision of the Emergency Powers stripping every avenue that will open the way for despotic tyrant power brokers to exploit. Emergency Powers are not to over power the higher laws which protect freedom and the right for the people to choose and self determination. One nation first and foremost; everyone from other states have the right to support other constituents from other electorates in other states if it is necessary to curb the potential that despotism in the offending state has the potential of spreading nationally. Increase powers of Governor General or reinstate the Privy Council.

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The Rule of Law- Aspects to Anti Despotism

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