On this page, we’ll show you how to interact and involve yourself in the Governing of Australia with our New Grassroots Meritocracy.

In essence the Governing of Australia occurs in 3 constantly re-occuring and concurrent steps.

Step 1 – Continual, concurrent, online Zoom meetings of flexible groups of Australian Citizens, where each Citizen is listened to, without interruption, for an agreed time period. A Facilitator is chosen for each meeting. The Facilitator ensures that each person who wishes to be heard, is heard, without interruption, and that all Issues raised by each person are captured into an Online Ideas/Issues database.

Step 2 – The Ideas/Issues Database is structured into associated Groups of Ideas/Issues and Australian Citizens are invited to join in, comment on, discuss, debate and vote on these Ideas/Issues. The natural tendency of these groups will be for Australians interested in specific Ideas/Issues to join those specific Groups. Also, Australians with Wisdom and Experience relevant to specific Groups will migrate towards and take part in those Groups. This is where the ‘Meritocracy’ comes in. Australians of ‘Merit’ and Wisdom and Experience will take part in these relevant Groups. Thus one can expect excellent outcomes and resolutions and solutions from these Groups.Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online

Step 3 – These recommended resolutions and solutions which have been voted and chosen in the various Groups by their constituent members will be placed in front of the Australian Nation for review and implementation. Because of the expected high volume of decisions, the general Australian People will be asked only to respond if they oppose the recommendations of the Meritocracy Groups. In this case, Steps 2 and Steps 3 will continue until a particular level of agreement is reached such that the recommendations can move forward to Implementation.

Implementation Australia wide will occur either through facilities similar to those of our current Public Services, and/or other processes.

In this way, in essence, all recommendations and implementations will occur through continuing Australia-wide referendums of the Australian People.

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