This page holds notes to help developers sculpt the initial prototype.

Screen Layout

Should be based on the many social media platforms ‘out there’.

The design should attempt to show as much information about an idea as possible, ie. the initial idea, the # (hashtag) categories, likes, dislikes (see Facebook), comments, multi-media.

Ideas can be listed by # (hashtag), including synonyms, popularity, number of votes, likes.

A like of any kind is considered a ‘vote’ for the idea.

Thus ideas to be carried forward to implementation will have the greatest number of votes (see below).

Login and ID

Normal login social media security will apply.

If people want to take part in voting, they will need to supply appropriate id. eg. from a legal database, ie. passport, drivers license etc.

In this case, their ‘likes’ will be converted into ‘votes’.

Data Entry

Like Twitter # (hashtags) should be used by users to categorise their entries, at the time of entry and also when modifying entries.

Users will be offered a list of current # (hashtags) or idea categories to help them choose the correct categorization of ideas at the time of data entry and modification.

The system will hold a # (hashtag) synonym data base so that associated # (hashtags) are displayed in the same lists.