Day: November 22, 2021


Local government is not the municipality we live in it’s the state.Shires are charging us rates to live in our own houses. They do this

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The right to do what you like with your own property as long as it doesn’t harm others. Also to remove heritage listing at no

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The Sun Villages Model

Our new model (the original Perma-Culture from the 70s) makes the affordable housing issue obsolete – and withdraws our super funds and savings from

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Natural cures first

Natural Healing cures first. Naturopath are everywhere and free to citizens. Herbs are used not drugs. We are healers and help each other

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All current politicians state, Federal and Local must step down and the corporations to be de registered, for all governments and departments, Police, Judges, AEC

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Security for All Beings

I wish for all beings in Australia to have land, security and community. That all would feel a sense of family and belonging and place

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