This site is a Prototype of the New Grassroots Meritocracy Australian People’s Governance.

A Governance by the Australian People for the Australian People.

It gets rid of the old antiquated divisive antagonistic Federal and State Westminster system of Government and Opposition. It gets rid of the Senate. It gets rid of Parliamentarians and Political Parties.

And it gets rid of Australian State Governments.

All Lawfully through the 1901 Constitution of Australia via Referendum of the Australian People. In fact this whole New System is in essence based on a continual transparent online Referendum of the Australian People.

Think of the enormous savings from antique inherited costs, corruption, corporatocracy, fascism, cronism and downright idiocy, in-efficiency and in-effectiveness of the current (Non)Government of Australia.

This New Australian People’s Governance system is what is termed an ‘Open Ended’ Grassroots Meritocracy. This means:

It is run by the Australian People for the Australian People. The Voice of the Australian People drives the debates, decisions and actions of the Governance.

This is all enabled by modern online transparent web-based technologies.

It can include many and all future opportunities of better Governance including changes in all systems and policies including, for example monetary, banking, health, education, welfare, farming, environment, water, environment and minerals all managed and controlled by the Australian People ourselves and not by this current disgraceful dishonest mob of self seeking corporate ego maniacs.

It allows unlimited access for the common Australian People via instant online video conferencing to put forward their ideas, issues and brainstorming to create a better Australia for All.

These ideas are then captured, structured and then debated and voted by transparent open groups of Australians, who will naturally migrate to debate and vote on issues that concern them and about which they have knowledge and wisdom. This is called a Meritocracy.

Once the ideas have been debated and voted on, they are put to the Australian People generally, and if there is acceptance, the ideas are put into Practice via the Executive Structures which currently includes the Public Service Sector.

The Soul of this New Australian Governance is the Human Values of Truth, Unconditional Love, Virtue (Help Ever, Hurt Never), Peace and Non-Violence.

The Brain, Nervous System and Heart of our New Governance are the Voices of our Australian People heard and brought together by modern online video conferencing and associated web-based applications.

The Various synergistic Specialised Organs of our New Governance can be considered the transparent online Meritocracy of Separation of Issue definition, recording, debate and voting thus enabled.

Here is a simple Mindmap of this New Australian Governance. In the Mindmap, press the small blue note icons to see further information.

OK, well, you’re ready to start making our New Australian Governance happen.

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