Blockchain based national voting system – decentralised and incorruptible

Research the Cardano blockchain, their trust less and decentralised system has been built from the ground up with the fair and transparent running of countries in mind. Their solution includes decentralised Digital ID, secure and yet transparent governance modules including secure (but still private and anonymous voting systems) etc etc

There are already many countries looking to implement their solution as a way to run their countries in an open and transparent manner that cannot be hacked, cheated or influenced via humans in any way (so no corporate manipulation is possible), everything is transparent, all decisions, ALL spending and voting (with transparent results) could be concluded in just a matter of hours instead of the current archaic way we do this today. There is way to many solutions they offer to list here but l suggest we all look into this as it not only solves our governance issues, it also solves digital identity, (medical records etc, drivers license, land documents etc etc), they also have a global stable coin that could be used by the people of Australia that is also not part of our corrupt fiat based paper money system that is controlled by a ruling family elite…we have literally been held back by these systems (and the creatures behind them) for the last 2 centuries)…it’s time we saw behind the curtain and started using technology to “help mankind” instead of just control it!

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Blockchain based national voting system – decentralised and incorruptible
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