Enabling technologies include:

  1. Zoom – for scheduling and implementing online transparent concurrent meetings of Australian People to share ideas and issues.
  2. Database – to sort and structure and store ideas/issues.
  3. Ideas Management System – to allow debate, discussion and voting on ideas/issues outcomes, resolutions and solutions. Initial implementation will use Tricider, a free online ideas/issues management system.
  4. Interfaces – to allow Australians to browse all current ideas/issues/outcomes/resolutions/solutions. One technology envisaged is Wordclouds using various measures, such as popularity, urgency, idea/issue grouping, Of course, many other interfaces can be used including tabular, graphic, multi-media and animation interfaces, These interfaces will allow Australians to quickly and effectively assess which issues and ideas they wish to contribute to and vote on. In our case, the wordclouds will in addition, have links to the associated issues and ideas.

Technology Details

A very exciting graphical data display technology is

Click on the graphic at the top of the link page to see the live models and the code. We will use D3 to represent ideas and attributes and links to ideas in our Meritocracy Ideas Management System. The best interface that Technology has to offer. This will make our system extremely User Friendly and interesting. Our Users can get ‘lost’ in various visualizations of the data and then access the very data itself, so they can have ‘Their Say’.

Another associated technology is